Captain Spish Dog Behavior is awesome!

"In the short time Mercury and I have been working with Captain Spish our communication has improved immensely. The Captain has helped me understand how my actions cause reactions and what I need to do to get the behaviors I want. Mercury is calmer, happier, more focused, and just wants to be around me more. I am so glad we found Captain Spish!"

 ~Beth Whitehead

This is just one of many testimonials written about me. I have been able to change and touch the lives of many dogs and their owners forever. I believe in educating, encouraging, and uplifting people.

Bad Behavior, Fear and Aggression are often psychological problems that need to be dealt with at their core. People with such animals are sometimes frustrated or angry and just don't know how to help their dog. I (Captain Spish) will teach you one-on-one how to help your dog while remaining calm and patient. People with aggressive or fearful dogs often "retreat." They not only stop taking their dogs out in public but also are afraid to let people into their homes. I will help you take back your home, your life and bring peace to your dog. I will give you the tools to not only have a happier dog and more freedom, but a real friendship/partnership with your dog as well.

A dog is always ready to learn and accept change. The REAL question is, are you?

The key to your dog's behavior is in you. You always get back what you put into your dog, good or bad. You give a dog love and you get back ten times the love. The same applies to negative thoughts and misunderstandings. "Bad" dogs aren't born, they're made. The same is true of "good" dogs. Captain Spish Dog Behavior wants to teach you the hard yet rewarding work it takes to make an understood dog. It takes patience, trust, kindness, strength of heart and above

And what is love? It is putting another's needs before your own.

The goal of Captain Spish Dog Behavior is to help dogs and their families achieve the results they need that they haven't with trainers or other systems. We are here to help people learn how to better understand and communicate with their four-legged companions. We want people to know there is hope for their dogs to change, they don't have to live with unwanted behavior.

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