Low Cost Dog Behavior Solutions

Home Consultations

I come to your home to observe the behavior of your dog in his/her own environment. Many behaviors only show themselves in the dog's home and with their owners present. I believe that by seeing them in their own home I can have greater insight into the causes of and solutions to undesired behavior.

The first consultation can take as long as three hours. This amount of time is often necessary to teach you what I have learned in 25 years of studying dogs and their needs.

I want to teach you the rewards of being patient, calm, and confident in your commands and your dog. Mutual respect and understanding can be achieved and a true relationship/partnership with your dog.

I want to show you what it takes.


Charges vary from client to client and are subject to change. For the most accurate pricing please call or text 937-245-0656. Standard pricing is $200 to come to your home, that price includes up to a 2 hour consultation period. Additional hours will be $100 an hour. Clients living farther than 30 miles from my facility on Watervleit Avenue in Dayton Ohio may be asked to pay a higher fee.

Therapy Walks

I will take your dog on calm structured walks.

These walks wich include a modest playtime, are to help releive frustration and anxiety in your dog. Dogs need these types of walks in order to fulfill their basic need for companionship and to just simply feel like they did something constructive with their day.

Dogs that destroy their beds or other things, are easily excited, or play too forcefully need these walks.

I often recommend these walks to clients with fearful, anxious, or aggressive dogs. Really all dogs need this type of walk. I would be glad to teach you my thoughts and techniques so you too can take your dog on a stress relieving walk.


I Charge $25.00 per walk. $10.00 per additional dog per walk. If you prepay for 6 or more therapy sessions, you will get $5 off per session. That makes it $20 per single dog therapy session!

(up to three dogs per walk.)

Additional charges may apply.

For any questions or for more details please call or text 937-245-0656 or click on the Contact Us button for more details.

Most Therapy Walks take one hour and can go as far as three to five miles.

(Some walks will take more or less time based on the natural pace and fitness level of your dog)

Walks will be adapted to your dogs medical needs or restrictions if need be. (ex. dog has bad knees/hips or is very young or old)

Therapy outings

This form of Therapy is for the more severe cases.
Anxious and Fearful dogs benefit most from Therapy Outings. Human and dog aggressive dogs also can be helped this way.

Therapy Outings include a Therapy Walk, but also challenge the negative mindstate in new and increasingly challenging enviroments.

These enviroments can include shopping centers, public parks, local neighborhoods, and even unfamiliar houses or pet stores.


Cost for this service will vary case by case, since it will be determined by severity and type of challenge(s) needed. Call, text or click on the Contact Us button for more details.

Bike Run Therapy

I will run your dog next to my bike for between 30 min to an hour.

(This will be determined by your dogs fitness level and needs)

Some individuals and breeds may need a higher physical challenge than just a walk to fulfill their athletic need.

This therapy is NOT to exhaust the dog or let it practice an excited mindstate. It is to simply gradually drain excitement and frustration.

After your dogs Bike Run they will recieve a short "cool down" walk so they can practice a calm happy mindstate. This way they can more readily practice the mindstate we want, calm obedient and fulfilled.


I Charge $30.00 for a Bike Run Therapy session and included "cool down walk".

Additional charges may apply.

Call, text or click on the Contact Us button for more details.

Cost Policy

I work for just the cost of gas for any rescue group and half price for fosters of rescue animals.

To anyone needing my services that can't afford it, I will do what I can to work out a solution fair to all involved.

I am here to help the animals and their owners any way I can.

I provide low cost dog behavior solutions for the average person.

CALL or TEXT (937) 245-0656 or Click on the Contact Us button to schedule an appointment today!

Please don't live another day without balance and peace of mind, Contact a professional!

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